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More Outbound Sales

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More Inbound Sales with iMos®

  1. Our conversion routing ensures that prospective leads are routed to the right teams and prioritized according to attractiveness.
  2. Prepare agent in the best way with whispers and DCJI (deep customer journey inspection).
  3. Use a cheat sheet for sales agent to perfect the story telling.
  4. Our dashboards allow real-time conversion control.
  5. Voice recordings help you to check sales quality.

Generate WOW effects – improve CX on the phone

  1. Identify VIP customers and treat them accordingly.
  2. Our case-based routing will increase the first contact resolution rate.
  3. Evalute customer satisfaction (NPS) to have quality checks.
  4. An efficient waiting-queue management avoids frustration.
  5. Dedicated, case-based help-lines, eg for the check out process (payment issues) increase conversion and customer satisfaction.

Performance Marketing

  1. Check RoI for SEO/SEA/Social Media budgets: Which measures lead to quality inbound calls?
  2. Our conversion metrics on the phone (eg time to sell) have a spotlight on which calls lead to revenues.
  3. Thanks to iMos® lost call management we help you to avoid opportunity costs.
  4. Use self-admin tools for ad-hoc reactions on peaks and traffic shifts (eg though high value routing).
  5. Benchmark your agents / reps / teams with real-time KPIs.

More Outbound Sales with iMos®

  1. iMos® Intelligent Mass Calling rules out missed call trials.
  2. Connect iMos® to your CRM to target the right prospects on the phone.
  3. Use mobile messaging (SMS, WhatsApp, etc.) to boost reach and trigger call-backs.
  4. With cheat sheets a consistent story telling is ensured.
  5. Include call tracking to your marketing campaigns due to boost conversion.

iMos® makes your customer happy - Customer Loyalty & Retention

  1. iMos® Customer Identification and Personal Greeting makes your customers feel welcomed.
  2. Your agents can help quickly as the customer history and customer characteristics pop up.
  3. Use SMS to trigger mobile commerce conversion (eg special VIP customer offers on a mobile landing page).
  4. iMos® gamification such as prize draws can help to activate “sleepers”.
  5. With iMos® Expert you can find individual slots for “personal consulting”.

«Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution.» [WILLIAM A. FOSTER]

  1. With our iMos® Umbrella we help you to set up an empirical SLA-management for outsourced Call Centres / vendors.
  2. Real-time KPI monitoring ensures quick reaction times.
  3. Use iMos® stats for performance controls of teams and agents – link those to your incentive systems.
  4. iMos® offers wide-range alerting functionalities in case something tends to go wrong.
  5. Benchmark your organization with iMos® in-depth historically unlimited stats & reporting features.

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